5 Reasons to Ditch Your Snooze Button

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A few weeks ago, my husband, Powell, and I were dog-sitting my mother-in-law’s golden retriever, Robert. He was quite a handful, but it was so much fun to have him around. We went on walks all the time and gave some pretty epic belly rubs. Having him here also made us get up earlier to take him out. It was great training for us because we are getting a puppy of our own in a few weeks! Having Robert around helped train us to stick to our routine. We figured getting up on the first alarm would be a great habit to get into. Our puppy, Barley, will be far more demanding than ten year old Robert. So, we ditched our snooze buttons and here are some reasons why you should too.

You’re Disturbing Your Natural Sleep Cycle

Each night when you lay down, a chemical is released that helps you fall asleep. Your body then goes into deep sleep throughout the night and when it is time to wake up, another chemical is released that starts helping you wake up. When your alarm goes off and hit the snooze button, your brain gets confused and starts the sleep cycle over again. This is what causes you to feel even more tired and groggy when the alarm goes off a second, third, or fourth time.  

Your Morning Routine is All Over the Place

When I decided to remove the snooze option from my phone, I thought I’d be more tired in the morning without those extra few minutes, but it was just the opposite. I do lay in the bed for about two to three minutes after my alarm goes off, but then I put my feet on the ground and start my routine. Workout, shower, make coffee, get ready for work, cook breakfast and get out the door! By getting a consistent waking time locked down, my morning routine helps kick start my day. This will also help once the puppy comes home with us.   

You’re Tired and Out of Energy All Day

I used to snooze my alarm about three to four times a morning (yikes!) and was always falling into these sluggish moments throughout the day. Typically around 10 AM, 2 PM, and just after work, I would feel tired, unmotivated, and craving a nap (or an unhealthy snack). Once I stopped hitting snooze, these feelings went away. I have much more energy throughout the work day, I get to my workouts with the mindset and energy to get the most out of them, and I eat healthier snacks and meals. It has noticeably changed my day!  

Your Bedtime Routine is Inconsistent

Going to bed at different times each night really threw off my ability to wake up consistently each morning. Some nights I would go to bed early and some nights I would stay up watching a show or movie. This nightly inconsistency did not help with waking up the following morning. Nailing down a bedtime routine helped me to not push my snooze button in the morning and not pushing my snooze button in the morning helped with going to bed at a consistent time each night! Funny how that worked out! Whatever your nightly routine consists of, stick to a schedule and this cycle could fall into place.

You’re Getting Poor Quality Sleep

Getting into a daily routine that caters to your sleep will be easier when you decide to ditch the snooze button. I found that my sleep is less restless and more complete. I don’t toss and turn as much and I wake up feeling a lot more rested and re-energized.  Having a bad night of sleep ruins my whole day and multiple cups of coffee don’t help! Having a set time to go to bed and a set time to wake up has worked wonders for me.  

How many times do you push the snooze button? Have you recently ditched your snooze button for a better daily routine?

Tip: If you have an iPhone, you can easily remove the option to have a snooze button. When setting your alarm, click edit and you will see a line “Snooze” with a toggle bar next to it. Turn it off and save!

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