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Wood-Fired Pizza in Galway

pizzaA couple of weeks ago, Powell and I were traveling across Ireland and Iceland. We explored a number of cities and towns through our Irish road trip. Powell’s family has many ancestors from Ireland so we thought it’d be a great idea to hop the pond and tour Ireland!

We absolutely love to travel when we get the chance. It opens our eyes to different cultures and experiences. It allows us to shut off from work and the day to day activities that consume our lives. Travel nourishes the soul!the dough brosWe landed in Dublin in the morning to rainy weather. The drive to Galway was about two hours and… on the opposite side of the road and the opposite side of the car! Yikes! Once we arrived at our Airbnb in Galway, we ditched our bags and headed out to find a pub for food and beer! pizzaWe stumbled upon a small pub called O’Connell’s Bar. Powell ordered the obligatory Guinness. I’m not a fan of dark beers, so I tried out a white IPA from a local brewery.beerThrough the back door of the bar was a beer garden. We were pleasantly surprised when we found a pizza food truck called The Dough Bros. Pizza is definitely not what you think of when you hear pub food. After a long day of travel, a beer garden and wood-fired pizza were exactly what we needed. Who doesn’t love pizza and beer on the patio! dough bros menuI’m some what in love with pizza. It’s an “I could eat it for every meal” kind of love! We love to have a little spice in our lives, so we ordered the pizza with spicy sausage, jalapeƱos, peppers and corn! The crust was thin and the roasted corn was an addition that I loved! I’m definitely planning on adding corn to my homemade pies from now on. pizzaThe Dough Bros make killer pizzas and it was one of our favorite restaurants in Galway. I can’t wait to share more about our trip and some of our favorite eateries, breweries, and bars in Ireland and Iceland. Have you been to Ireland? What were your favorite places to visit and eat?

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